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The second part of your guide to Halestorm's new album

Find out the inspirations behind Into The Wild Life

On April 13, we published the first part of Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger's in-depth guide to 'Into The Wild Life'. Here's the second and final part...

**Joe Hottinger: “OK, where were we? I love Bad Girls World. To me, this is Lzzy’s soul voice. She’s got some really emotive stuff going on here. I’m so glad this one’s on the record. Lzzy and I wrote it together at this apartment in LA where we were living. The muse was strong in that place. The funny thing is at the end of the song I was struggling to figure out the vibe I wanted for the guitar solo. Jay [Joyce, producer] suggested putting the end of the song on loop, and I just kept playing until I figured out where I wanted to go with it. What he didn’t tell me was his plan all along was to fade out the band and just have a guitar solo at the end, which would then fade into Gonna Get Mine. And I’m glad he didn’t tell me because I would’ve freaked out and over thought it. He’s no dummy, that Jay Joyce! He tricked me into a cool guitar moment that I’m proud of. It’s real warts and all, just me being myself and playing along."

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