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Oceano Tour Diary: Part Two

The second instalment of Oceano's trip around the US

Well folks, it's Kasper here reporting live and direct from the department of “Naw Im Saaynnns?" – otherwise known as the back of the Oceano tour rig – with another instalment of our tour diary!

Right out of the gate we want to express what an interesting second half of the tour this has been. Turnouts and interactions for every band on this package have been nothing less than awesome! Being with bands from other countries for Oceano and (myself especially) is always fun. 

Clockwise from left: Myself, Jake and Josh from Boris The Blade, Tom from Lorna Shore, Anthony from The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Adam from Oceano, Austin from Lorna shore.

Lastly and most importantly our new record Ascendants is out now on iTunes! Thanks for the amazing support over the first week of sales! Until next time – direct from the belly of the rig – Oceano signing off!

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