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This Is Hardcore: Strike Anywhere – Change Is A Sound

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It feels like political hardcore is slowly becoming a relic of the past, or it’s at least returning to its former underground roots away from the mainstream gaze. Perhaps not enough people are listening, forcing bands to adopt new lyrical ideas to capture the hearts and minds of our youth. Maybe they could start writing about conserving energy (on your smartphones) or taking down the extreme right-wing (during multi-player war simulations on your laptop).

On a serious note, I believe the world needs punk rock activists now more than ever. Luckily, bands like Anti-Flag and Rise Against are still finding a platform for their political messages and I hope more acts will follow. One band that had a huge impact when they charged onto the scene is Strike Anywhere. The Virginia five-piece formed in 1999, naming themselves after the song, Strike Anywhere, by frontman Thomas Barnett’s former band Inquisition. Their debut album, Change Is A Sound, came out on Jade Tree Records in 2001 and is comprised of 11 tracks of sincere punk rock. The traditional hardcore sound, coupled with melodic punk, make this record an instantly satisfying listen. 

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