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Your Record Store Day 2015 Buyer's Guide

What should you be picking up this weekend?

As you probably know, tomorrow (18th April) is Record Store Day and there are a buttload of limited-edition releases on the way from bands big and small around the world. Here we've collected ten of the best from the world of heavy that we're going to queue overnight for.

Metallica – No Life Till Leather cassette

Thanks to Record Store Day, Metallica's first official remastered reissue of their thrillingly raw 1982 demo is once again available on tape, in an authentically labelled C60 inlay. It's hard to imagine this gang of scruffy teenage headbangers becoming one of the biggest bands in the world; Hetfield sounds like shy child shrieking with nervous energy, Lars is still getting to grips with his sticks and even Mustaine's solos are fairly restrained. But the vibe (and the ribbon) crackles with desperate intensity, and songs like Seek And Destroy, The Mechanix and Metal Militia remain some of heavy metal's all-time finest.

Slayer – When The Stillness Comes 7" picture disc

Released on the ScionAV label – the "lifestyle marketing" division of Toyota's Scion brand, which recently unveiled an actual Slayer sports car – this poetically-titled ditty will be the second song released from the long-awaited eleventh Slayer album. This time last year they dropped Implode for free on the internet, but When The Stillness Comes (in a limited edition of 5000 worldwide) gets its own lovely dark close-up blood-spattered skull picture disc and a live B-side of ripping occult debut classic Black Magic from Wacken 2014 (shame it's not from 1982, but you can't have everything).

Clutch – From Beale Street To Oblivion 2LP

It's a surprise that arguably the best rock album of the 21st century is only now getting a vinyl release, but it's worth the wait; the twinkly entrance to the mysterious underground club on the sleeve of Clutch's all-killer-no-filler 2007 classic has never looked so inviting as it does on a twelve-inch gatefold, housing this deep purple coloured remastered double-vinyl set. Bonus tracks come from contemporary BBC Maida Vale sessions and live material from Clutch's first tour of Australia.

At The Gates – Gardens Of Grief 12"

With the Swedish legends' enjoying a new lease of life after a near 20-year gap between releases, this vinyl reissue of their 1991 demo is a timely reminder of the band in their earliest, gnarliest form. Sweden's death metal underground in 1991 was bursting with talent, hundreds of sullen kids were marauding through Stockholm's Sunlight Studio making metal of devastatingly cold, cryptic savagery. Yet still the tightly coiled dynamics and belligerent adrenaline of this demo launched ATG to the top of the field; the tape landed with such impact it was reissued on vinyl a few months later.

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