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Record shopping with Soundgarden's Matt Cameron

As Record Store Day dawns in the UK, we go shopping down under

In February 2015, Classic Rock photographer Ross Halfin was working with Soundgarden during the band’s Australian tour. On a day off before a gig in Melbourne, drummer Matt Cameron wanted to go record shopping, so Ross took him to one of his favourite stores – Vicious Sloth Collectibles.

What's so great about this record store?

Ross Halfin: They have collectibles that you’ll never find anywhere else. Everything in that shop is mint condition. And the people working there know everything about records. There’s Pete and Ange Stathopoulos, they’re Greek Australians. Ange can tell you anything Metallica-related, and Pete can you anything Led Zeppelin-related. And there’s also Greg, who’s the punk expert. If you want to know about records, ask them. They know.

When you and Matt Cameron went there, what did you both buy?

He bought a whole load of Bowie albums. He’s a big Bowie fan and collector. The first show he saw was Bowie on the Station To Station tour, when Matt was thirteen. He also bought a Gene Krupa album. I bought loads of stuff. Black Sabbath Vol.4 Australian pressing, a Mott The Hoople white label Japanese promo for The Golden Age Of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Pete also gave me a Zeppelin single, Whole Lotta Love, it’s on the green Atlantic label and it’s got three T’s in Lotta. I told Jimmy (Page) about it and he bought it off me.

You made Jimmy Page buy one of his own records?

Well, once you give people something for free, it never ends. He also bought a load of Zeppelin vinyl off me last week – some of them Spanish, with different laminated covers. I feel I should let him have the Zeppelin records because it’s his music if he wants to collect it.

 You and Jimmy still go to record fairs together – what kind of stuff does he collect?

He buys a lot of old rock’n’roll, or stuff that he played on. He can’t always remember what he played on because he was fifteen when he started. He also buys a lot of Zeppelin, and he likes world music.

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