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Why Record Store Day is important – by Frank Turner

Here's why you should get involved...

In 2013, I did quite a lot for Record Store Day. I have a feeling they called me an ambassador, or something like that, but what it meant was that I played something like 900 million in-stores and released a seven-inch for it. Though I wasn't as involved last year and this year, it's definitely something that I'm fully behind.

Record stores are an important corner of culture – and of my culture in particular – to celebrate. They may not serve the same function as they did when I was a kid – as the only place in town to get music – but there's still a huge role for record stores to play in everyone's lives. My favourite record shop is Banquet Records in Kingston on the outskirts of London. The shop serves as the centre point of an entire scene, it's an incredible thing that Jon Tolley and the rest of them have built down there. As a result, a lot of international touring bands will now play London and Kingston now and it solely because of that shop and the things they've done to create a scene around them. That's pretty fantastic. 

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