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Young Guns: Under Pressure?

Frontman Gustav Wood on the challenge of following their US chart success with 'Ones And Zeros'

By the time Young Guns’ third album comes out in June, it'll have been over three years since the release of 'Bones', a record that placed the London quintet at number 19 in the UK album charts and on top of the Billboard Active Rock chart in the US. Despite this achievement, Young Guns are as down-to-earth as ever about the impending release of 'Ones And Zeros'. Full of catchy, slick hooks, it’s certainly an album that could – and probably should – propel them even further into the mainstream on both sides of the Atlantic, but, as vocalist Gustav Wood explains, the band aren’t going to let the idea of success drive what they do as a band...

**Gustav Wood: "This idea of the degree of success adding pressure when it comes to writing – success is such a relative thing. We’re quite cynical, I suppose, fundamentally, and we’re quite hard on ourselves, so this idea that in other people’s eyes we’ve done X or Y, or that we’ve reached a certain level, isn’t something that concerns us, because we’re the same people that we were when we started and our living situation is the same and, fundamentally, our desire to be in a band and to write music we think is cool is the same, if not greater. So the only thing is just making sure we’ve done something that we’re proud of and that’s all we’ve ever done and that was no different this time. And honestly, the pressure that we put on ourselves is so great that any other pressure pales in comparison.”

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