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Why I love... Nelson – by Chris Jericho

The Fozzy frontman on the twins with impossibly golden locks

Yes, Nelson. Your initial reaction to laugh is probably based on what they looked like 25 years ago, but Nelson’s first album ‘After The Rain’ is still one of my all-time favourite records. But back then, they looked pretty fucking cool. I tried to look like that in 1990, but my hair wouldn’t grow that long.

I grew up in Canada and I first heard them on the radio. (Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection was becoming a hit right around the time I left home in Winnipeg to move to Calgary – I left to train for wrestling – so it was a magical time in my life, and a little scary too. I’d always hear that song and feel good. I’d hear it all the time, so when I saw Nelson on a video or in a magazine, I thought they looked so cool: the long hair, the clothes, those wild patterned dress shirts, painted jeans, all those bracelets. I didn’t have enough money for a waistcoat, though. I didn’t have enough money. 

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