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Steel Panther: Asses All Areas

Three bands, 12,000 fans and enough hairspray to choke out King Kong's dad. Join us as Steel Panther play their biggest-ever show at Wembley Arena...

If you were to go back in time 20 years, you could confuse a hell of a lot of people with your revelations of the year 2015. Be it with tales of handheld computers that double up as phones or by detailing the bizarre continued popularity of Gary Barlow, there is much to gawp at in the 21st century. But if, at the height of grunge, you told anyone that a bunch of Sunset Strip, glam metal musicians singing the most absurdly outrageous songs of innuendo-laden filth would be headlining the UK’s most prestigious arena? Well, they’d think you were talking out of your ass.

But today, glistening in the sun like a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket, is Metal Hammer’s very own Day-Glo purple, leopard-print backstage pass to what’s sure to be the party to end all parties. Because today, Steel Panther are headlining Wembley… and honestly, who saw that coming? 

Being the punctual types we are here at Hammer HQ, we arrive unfashionably early to proceedings to see nothing more than a lot of the Panther road crew setting up what appears to be an elaborate stage show. Not wanting to get in the way (or be asked to carry anything heavy), we decide to have a nose around the dressing rooms. Where we find an open-door policy from all three of today’s bands. 


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