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King Parrot: Friends With Benefits

When Phil Anselmo hit it off with King Parrot guitarist Slatts, he invited the band to record at his home studio. The results were a crushing grindcore album, and a very weird sleepover...

It takes a brave man to wake up in bed next to an angry Phil Anselmo. It takes a flat-out crazy one to wake up in bed next to an angry Phil Anselmo while wearing pink, crushed velvet ladies’ trousers and a pair of fairy wings. Luckily, Wayne Slattery – better known to his friends, bandmates and occasional celebrity conquests as Slatts – is brave and crazy.

“I’ll do anything for a laugh,” says Slatts, with the sort of unhinged cackle that suggests he’s not lying. “I’m not the sort of person who worries what the fuck other people think.”

The garrulous bassist with Australian thrash-grind hooligans King Parrot is a natural-born court jester. He also appears to be someone who enjoys dicing with death by playing the fairy-winged fool around legendary (and legendarily serious) singers who aren’t renowned for their sense of humour, or for a fondness for stocky, balding men, for that matter.

Luckily for everyone, his Anselmo-baiting was all done in the name of art, or at least comedy. It’s the hilarious opening to the video for Like A Rat, the shit-kicking grind’n’roll anthem that recently teed up King Parrot’s second album, Dead Set.


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