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Lemmy: I Never Thought I'd Be A Grown-up!

Lemmy may have slowed down for health reasons, but that hasn’t stopped him getting stuck into Motörhead’s 22nd fast and furious record.

Whether by design or by accident, Hollywood’s Grandmaster Recorders studio is not an easy place to find. Address in hand, you’ll wander up and down the sidewalk, going, “No, that can’t be it,” until finally someone comes out to rescue you. Were you to have crossed the road, you’d have seen – in rather large letters – the words, ‘What Fools these Mortals be!’ right above the door. There’s a kind of magic to the place, hidden in plain sight on the busiest of streets, and it’s been practising musical magic since the early 70s, via a who’s-who of artists including Queens Of The Stone Age, Killing Joke, The Black Crowes and Foo Fighters.

Today, there’s alchemy afoot; the sacred art of turning metal into, well, heavier metal. Motörhead have begun work on their 22nd studio album, as yet untitled, but well in progress, guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee already having done their parts and flown home. Bassist/frontman and living legend Lemmy Kilmister remains locked away with longtime producer Cameron Webb, and, remarkably, Hammer has been invited along for a world-exclusive peek behind the scenes.


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