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The New Testament: Danko Jones Argues That Apathy Is The Enemy

As a UK general election approaches, it’s hard not to be disillusioned with our politicians and political system, but as Danko Jones argues, your vote really can make a difference...

Heavy metal is a music for outsiders. Its brash sound repels most people in seconds. Heavy metal fans, in my experience, are often social outcasts, finding a kinship in a music that typifies their rage and repudiation. It’s soothing when you hear sounds that are angrier than you. I know this because for a large part of my life I’ve identified as a metalhead.

Often, when socially spurned, cast-offs skulk into the shadows. Refusing to take part in any issue on the public agenda is a response to the rebuff. Acceptance is found through other means, often through a blistering guitar solo or dynamic vocal delivered without judgement or ridicule. Receding to the back of the room is commonplace for the snubbed.


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