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Tribulation: Dawn Of The Dread

Having emerged from Sweden’s fiercely fundamentalist death metal scene, Tribulation are spearheading a resonant new wave of gothic-infused rock.

It was a brief but fertile moment: in the mid-00s a bunch of Swedish lunatics barely out of their teens formed a coterie of bands – Eviscerated, Degial, Necrovation, Graveless and Katalysator to name a few – all determined to bring back xeroxed black and white covers, demo cassettes, proto-death metal references like Nihilist and Master and that classic lo-fi sound.

It was all gone in a flash. Many didn’t even get to record an album, but when they did, the results were often unexpected. While Degial stayed true to their early Morbid Angel and Sarcófago fixation, Katalysator morphed into Invidious before its alter-ego In Solitude took over. Morbus Chron stopped defiling the graves of Autopsy and early Death, only to go behind the wall of sleep with tons of hallucinogenic drugs as fuel.

Instead of running into a retro cul-de-sac, the scene’s early orthodoxy had instilled a confidence that allowed them to reach something far richer and more personal. And as personified today by their grand and ambitious new album, The Children Of The Night, it’s never been truer than in the case of Tribulation.


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