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Rock Of Ages: We test the 'How Old Do I Look?' App

We put Microsoft's new gizmo through its paces in the name of scientific furtherment

You may have seen the results of Microsoft's latest project flooding your Facebook and Twitter feeds. The 'How Old Am I App?' uses facial recognition technology and guesses your age and gender. We picked a handful of rock stars completely at random and put the app to the test...


Our test got off to a wobbly start when the #HowOldRobot thought Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn was 43 – 14 years older than his actual age. To his right, Pierce The Veil's Vic Fuentes came in at 27. He'll be happy with that, considering he's 32 – but wearing a vest and backwards baseball cap will knock the years off. Next up, we uploaded a photo of AC/DC's Angus Young. Perhaps the algorithms became starstruck and farted out an answer that was out by 11 years. Same with Guns N' Roses vocalist Axl Rose. Sure, with good stage lighting and a Californian lifestyle, he does look younger than his years– but we're not sure how a moustache made the computer think this 53-year-old male was a woman. Next up: Iggy Pop and Paul Weller. The app's stab at Iggy's age was only three years out, but thought that the 56-year-old Paul Weller was in fact born in 1937. Imagine him showing this app to his mates in the pub, because we can't.

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