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Flash Metal Suicide: Madam X

This week: Madam X's 'We Reserve The Right', an album adorned by one of the most awesome, absurd images of the entire 1980s

"Growing up is such a pain" - High in High School

Whenever you hear some non-rocker yammer on about how “cheesy” 80’s metal was, whenever you hear the term ‘hair metal’ followed by a derisive snort, they're almost never talking about actual ‘hair metal’ outfits, i.e. bands that got by solely on their dumb haircuts. You know, like Britny Foxx and Nitro and the Push Band. 

Usually, they’re talking about Quiet Riot, Ratt, or Twisted Sister, and even though all of ‘em had hair issues, they had plenty other gimmicks to work with, as well. The hairspray thing gets a lot of mileage from the snarky straight world, but there’s a big difference between glammy hard rock and pure, unashamed, artless, ‘hair metal’. 

Well, let us not be disillusioned. Madam X were a Hair Metal band. In fact, they may be the Hair Metal band, and in a sick, disturbed sort of way, should probably be both worshipped and revered for it. Because really, when you strip away all the trappings of the era, the gloss and the glitz, the hippy-goth Shamans, the berserk cocaine warlords, the pseudo-Satanic sex gods, the party killers and whore manglers, when you yank all those drug and money-fueled stereotypes away like Xmas wrapping paper and reveal what was under it all in 80’s Flash Metal, you will find…nothing. Zip. 

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