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Six Pack: Dave Grohl on Kurt, Radiohead and barbecues

Plus: the Foos frontman reveals who'd he'd least like to be stuck in a lift with

This is Six Pack, our mini compendium of the informative or the quirkier aspects of rock music. This week, we poke around the hairy head of Dave Grohl.

**"I like simple songs. I went to see Radiohead in Los Angeles once. I had told my sister that she should come because they’re an amazing and beautiful live band. We got there and they went off on this fucking drum-machine, Krautrock, self-indulgent, feedback mess. I was really bummed. I wanted to sing along and I couldn’t. Really, I want to move people – whether that’s with a song that makes people bounce up and down or makes them just listen. I don’t want to exclude anyone. I think it’s important that people know they’re going to have a pretty fucking good time when they come and see us. That’s one of the reasons why I’m in it."

**"I remember feeling uncomfortable in front of large audiences for the first few years. There was one festival in particular when we were opening for David Bowie in France in 1996. I was stood on a huge stage, in front of thousands of people and I felt completely out of place. I lost faith in our music’s ability to translate to a huge field full of punters. I just didn’t know if it was right. I suppose it was because I thought I had to be a certain type of frontman. I didn’t know what to do upfront. I was a drummer and, all of a sudden, I was put in the front. It was frightening. There was only one way to get over it and that was just to say – fuck it. From then on, I didn’t worry about it and I haven’t since."

Dave at work and play
Photos: Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic, Raphael Dias/Getty

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