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TeamRock+ Exclusive: H.E.A.T's guide to the new Scandinavian AOR

H.e.a.t drummer Crash picks ten of his homeland’s top AOR/melodic rock acts.

“It was awesome that a band like Europe were from the same small town as we were," says Crash, "and it felt like somebody had to bring on their legacy." H.e.a.t's native Sweden might be awash with young AOR guns these days – from Houston (pictured) to the more obscure likes of Midway – but it hasn't always been that way. "When H.e.a.t started out in 2007 we were the only band I knew of doing that kind of music," Crash continues. "But today there’s so many bands doing it, and there's a lot of enthusiasm for AOR and melodic rock among younger musicians."


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