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The 10 best James Hetfield appearances every Metallica fan should hear

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Even though Metallica frontman James Hetfield frowned upon ex-bassist Jason Newsted indulging in various musical projects outside of the band, Papa Het himself is no stranger to lending his unmistakable roar to myriad releases over the years. Here's 10 of the best...

10. CALI HETFIELD – Crazy For You (2015)
Papa Het collaborating with his 16-year-old daughter on an Adele cover is both sweetly heartwarming and reminiscent of two separate Bad News jokes (Vim Fuego performing Purple Haze on Opportunity Knocks aged 11 with his dad on trumpet, and playing acoustic Mary Hopkin covers in a wine bar). This footage shows our Jaymz coming full circle, from the pimply shrieking teen of No Life 'Til Leather to the proud dad of his own singing teen (albeit one with better skin) – but Metal Militia this ain't.

9. JIM MARTIN – Disco Dust / Barsoap Hair (Milk And Blood, 1997)
For his lo-fi solo debut, the Big Sick Ugly pumpkin farmer (and old schoolfriend of Cliff Burton) pulled in some favours from his Metallichums, writing the song Fatso's World with Jason Newsted and inveigling our man Hetfield along for some edge-of-hearing backing vocals on two tracks. Amusingly, the Hetmeister's contribution to these quirky album highlights largely consists of the sounds "Yeeah-yeeaahh" and "Yo-ooh-whooaa!"

8. PRIMUS – Eclectic Electric (Antipop, 1999)
Hetfield's six-string contribution to this brooding Floydian jam – alongside Faith No More's Jim Martin – isn't immediately evident, at least until the jagged rhythm stabs around the seven minute mark. But the collaboration cemented a longstanding friendship between the two Californian bands; Kirk Hammett went to school with Les Claypool, and the Primus bassist tried out for Metallica following the death of Cliff Burton.

7. DANZIG – Possession (Danzig, 1988)
"I'm pretty sure he just sang the Possession parts!" recalls Danzig of this Het-indebted debut cut, and again that tell-tale growl is in subtle evidence on this irresistible chorus. For contractual reasons Jaymz wasn't credited on the sleeve, with the result that many fans spent many years thinking "whoa, Glenn sounds just like Hetfield there!"

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