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GALLERY: The Faces Of Rock On The Range 2015

What do the fans of Rock On The Range actually look like?

If you were at this year's Rock On The Range festival there's a good chance you spotted one of Metal Hammer wandering around taking pictures of your beautiful faces.

Over three days of sun and storms in Columbus, Ohio, we found a ton of metalheads in masks, facepaint, covered in tattoos, blood and various states of undress. We couldn't include all of you but have a look to see if your mug is in our big-ass gallery!

Or if you're just nosey and like looking at people having a party and dressed in silly outfits and offensive t-shirts, then get stuck in as well! Highlights include a man suffering the effects of a Hatebreed mosh pit, Captain America crowdsurfing and a helluva lot of band tattoos.


All photos by Stephanie Cabral.

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