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The Vintage Caravan: The Land Of Ice And Beer

Chatting to Óskar from The Vintage Caravan about Iceland, the new album and booze (obviously)

Icelandic whippersnappers The Vintage Caravan have made quite the stir with their psychedelic, bluesy classic rock sounds and their energetic, exuberant live performances. With their brand new album Arrival dropping this week via Nuclear Blast, we catch up with their frontman Óskar Logi to discuss recording in the wilderness, finally being old enough to buy beer and how his hair made him a movie star...

This is your first album recorded for Nuclear Blast. Did that pile on the pressure?
"We try not to think too much about it and do it as naturally as possible: otherwise it's like poison for the mind! We tried to please ourselves more than worry about what others will think. Our last albumVoyage was released in 2012, so we had almost three years to work on Arrival. We widened our spectrum a bit sound-wise. We went a bit heavier, a bit darker, more prog. I think we got a good balance, and I think the songwriting is more mature. We were listening to a lot of Rush!"

How did you find the recording process?
"We actually set up a studio in an old ballroom in the countryside in Iceland and worked for two-and-a-half weeks straight. It was pretty intense; we were working from like 9am to 3am every day! It was the first time we had time to really think about the songs, and the performance. We wanted to capture the performance rather than just play the songs. Performing for us is the most important thing: we are a live band."

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