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Wilson: Party Rockers!

In 18 months they've gone from being underground hellraisers to metal's premier party-starters. Can anyone stop Wilson?

This was never supposed to happen. Metal Hammer is standing, beer in hand, shoehorned into a packed Roundhouse in the heart of north London, surrounded by 3,000-plus eager rock and metal fans, all decked out in Halestorm t-shirts and with slack-jawed expressions.

They’re staring, bug-eyed, at a man that is currently dressed as a marching band reject, stomping around the stage while twatting a percussive instrument that can only be described loads... of beer bottles... strapped together... all while belting out a cover of Back In Black so raucous it’s in serious danger of getting ASBO’d. We are now entering Wilson World, ladies and gentlemen – a bold new frontier defined by beer, showmanship, beer, rock’n’roll, beer and one of the most unlikely success stories our game has produced in recent years. Oh, and more beer.


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