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Camden Rocks preview: Funeral For A Friend

Frontman Matt Davies-Kreye looks ahead to the London all-dayer

Camden Rocks takes place on May 30 at over 20 venues around Camden.

This year’s line-up features headliners Bullet For My Valentine, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Ginger Wildheart, Glen Matlock, The Dictators NYC, Heavens Basement, Black Spiders, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Turbowolf,  Feed The Rhino and more.

Funeral For A Friend vocalist Matt Davies-Kreye looks ahead to the festival, where his band will be playing three sets throughout the day...

**Last year’s 'Chapter and Verse' album garnered some of the best reviews of your career, and served as emphatic proof that FFAF are very much still a force to be reckoned with: what drives the band forward in 2015?
**Matt: "I think fun is the main aspect of the band right now which is driving us forward. We’re getting a big kick in playing these songs both old and new."

**It’s been 13 years since FFAF released their first EP, 'Between Order and Model': what do you remember of the band’s earliest days?
**"It’s kind of a blur, I remember some of our first tours so vividly and other things not so much. It was an exciting time and it felt like we were on the crest of something pretty cool but in no way did we ever anticipate where the band would go and what we would go on to achieve." 

**A lot of bands have come and gone since you first started appearing on festival bills: what do you make of the state of the UK guitar music scene in 2015?
**"I think it’s very much alive and kicking and working hard on its own terms. There are so many phenomenal bands out there that may not court the mainstream but they do what they do and do it fucking amazingly well."

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