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The 10 best Social Distortion songs by Mike Ness

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Orange County punks Social Distortion have released seven studio albums, one EP, two compilation albums, two DVDs and 24 singles since forming in 1978. We got storied frontman Mike Ness to pick his 10 favourite songs from his 36-year career...

GHOST TOWN BLUES (Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell, 1992)
There’s certain songs that stand out more than others to me, that I like more from a lyrical standpoint. I maybe don’t always take the time to acknowledge it, but there is a lot of sentiment in the Social Distortion catalogue. This is one of my more poetic songs, as opposed to say Ball And Chain and Story Of My Life, which are pretty literal. 

GIMME THE SWEET AND LOWDOWN (Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes, 2011)
This is about a certain lifestyle, which so many people think is cool, but I just wanted to paint a realistic picture of what it’s really like. It’s not all so pretty, you know, and this one’s a cynical look at that. 

CALIFORNIA (HUSTLE AND FLOW) (Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes, 2011)
I like this one because it talks about my life but it could be about any one of my friends as well, because we all grew up the same way – doing that hustle and flow. 

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