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Goatsnake: The Desert Soul

Linking the DC hardcore scene to the vast spaces of the Mojave desert, Goatsnake were one of the most revered of stoner/doom bands. Fifteen years after their last album, the band are back.

Out amidst the cacti in the sun-baked Californian desert there stands a mythical recording studio. Rancho De La Luna, co-founded in 1993 by Fred Drake and David Catching, fast became the spiritual home of the pioneering desert rock scene, and as such was featured in Foo Fighters mainmain Dave Grohl’s HBO series Sonic Highways, a musical tour of the USA taking in as many legendary stories and studios as it could possibly fit.

In covering both the desert and Washington DC, a city renowned for its legendary status within hardcore, Grohl touched on two places of extreme significance for Goatsnake frontman Pete Stahl, who featured in the series; a man with a musical legacy all of his own.

“I feel like my whole life has been on the road,” he says. “I’ve been touring now, believe it or not, for 30-something years; it’s crazy. My dad managed rock’n’roll bands in the 60s, so I’ve been around music ever since I was a little kid.”


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