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Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Moviestar

From the scourge of the mainstream to the toast of Hollywood, the metamorphosis of Marilyn Manson has been revelatory. But the God Of Fuck assures us he still wants to fuck shit up...

As far as throat-slashings go, it really was strangely sweet. Amid the mayhem of a prison riot, the lanky, smooth-talking murderer tenderly wrapped his arm around the victim’s neck, purring, “You went out good, sweetheart,” before plunging a jagged scalpel into his throat with five meaty punches.

Standard conflict resolution in the vengeance-centred world of the Sons Of Anarchy. What viewers might not have noticed was that while Marilyn Manson’s white supremacist convict, Ron Tully, had appeared in several episodes of the Sons’ final season, this was the first time that the character had physically moved. During his six-episode arc, Manson had conjured a figure bristling with hair-trigger menace in every scene through a nearly imperceptible symphony of hand gestures and expressions – an understated performance that cemented his chops as a bona fide scene-thief.


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