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Palm Reader: 5 Shows. 1 Day. 0 Fucks.

When Hammer challenged Palm Reader to play a clutch of shows in just 24 hours, we had no idea of the carnage that would ensue...

11.13 Hammer arrive at today’s first venue, the Old Blue Last in London’s Shoreditch. All members of Palm Reader are present and correct. We ask guitarist Andy Gillan if he’s nervous. “Nah,” he shrugs. “I’ve just got to play a bit of guitar today.” Yeah, Andy. Simple.

11.20 Baby Godzilla, the secret headliners of the first gig and notorious venue destroyers, soundcheck. Bassist Paul Shelley walks around the venue a bit, but apart from that there’s no throwing things around or breaking instruments. Gutting.

11.45 Palm Reader begin their first soundcheck. Bassist Josh Redrup breaks his bass almost instantly. This is probably not a very good omen.


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