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The New Testament: Bury Tomorrow Believe There Are No Metal VIPs

Are paid meet-and-greets a necessary part of a band’s wage or a step too far into a celebrity-obsessed mainstream? Bury Tomorrow’s Dani Winter-Bates says there are no metal VIPs.

Let me start by stating that I am well aware of the reasons why bands feel it’s OK to charge people to come and meet them. It is a lucrative business; you know immediately that those kids are going to buy those tickets. Plus, it can be pretty overwhelming if you’re in a big band and you go out front after a show and everyone is trying to speak to you, and I know certain people in the industry will advise bands to be aloof and stay backstage to improve their profile.

But if you are using your position as a musician and a public figure to money-grab off people who are already supporting your band, people who are already spending hundreds of pounds by buying tickets to the show and t-shirts and representing your band, then that is wrong as far as I’m concerned.


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