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Till Lindemann: Licence To Till

The name’s Lindemann. Till Lindemann. And together with his friend Peter Tägtgren, the Rammstein man has produced the most obscene side-project in metal...

Hammer is sitting in the lobby of a five-star hotel in London, listening to Till Lindemann sing about golden showers. As the Rammstein singer booms ‘cunt’ down our headphones, we imagine what the businessmen around us would make of all this – ‘this’ being Skills In Pills, the debut album from Lindemann, Till’s new side-project with Swedish multi-instrumentalist and Hypocrisy mastermind, Peter Tägtgren.

When we share this thought with Till later, he creases up. Seemingly seven feet tall, the 52-year-old German is one of the most physically imposing people in metal, yet it quickly becomes apparent that, for all the onstage insanity, in real life he’s soft-spoken, polite and, dare it be said, gentlemanly, proffering his arm on the way to his room where the interview will take place. In contrast to Peter’s chatty and business-like demeanour, Till is more intense, sometimes shy, but his twisted humour reveals itself as we’re led around to the hotel’s side entrance and into the lift. “This feels a bit like a hooker situation,” he grins. Gentlemanly, indeed...

It follows that the duo’s album is just as multifaceted. Skills In Pills seems to reflect the different aspects of Till’s personality, boasting playful, smutty songs like Ladyboy and the aforementioned Golden Shower, with the bleakly beautiful Children Of The Sun and Home Sweet Home also in the mix. Peter’s years of experience producing for the likes of Dimmu Borgir and Children Of Bodom have given it a tight sound, with a metallic crunch and industrial heart beating beneath a hooky, Euro-synth lustre.

In their fancy suite, Peter recounts how the Lindemann project began. It was September 2013, as Rammstein wrapped up their explosive Liebe Ist Für Alle Da tour.

“Till invited me to a festival in Sweden, just before Rammstein were going on a two-year break,” Peter recalls. “He said, ‘Let’s do something!’ I sent him the files for the first song and a couple of days later he sent it back with vocals! It went so smoothly that we had to try another. And another. And another...”


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