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Camden Rocks preview: Ginger Wildheart

Mr. Wildheart looks ahead to this Saturday's London all-dayer

Camden Rocks will transform the London borough into a massive festival May 30, with over 200 bands performing at venues around the town.

This year’s line-up features headliners Bullet For My Valentine, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Richie Ramone, Glen Matlock, The Dictators NYC, Heavens Basement, Black Spiders, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Turbowolf,  Feed The Rhino and more.

Ginger Wildheart will bring his Songs & Words set to Proud during the afternoon. We caught up with him to find out what else he's got in store for Camden Rocks and what the immediate future holds...

**At the time of writing, you’re in the midst of your Songs and Words tour, a rather unique and special under-taking: for those who might not know what this tour is about, would you care to explain please?
**Ginger Wildheart: "It’s a spoken word performance, mixed with some music, chatting about the last 20 bizarre years of my life as a musician. Doing spoken word is something that has filled me with sheer terror for years. Just you and a microphone, naked. I never knew how guys like Duff McKagan, Scott Ian and everyone could just leap into that role after having a band to hide behind for their whole lives. Like everyone I’m fascinated by things that frighten me. Unlike everyone I usually want to face my fears head on, to see why they scare me. And that fear was my motivation for doing this"

Has working upon the Songs & Words book been a cathartic experience for you? Your career has had some incredible highs and lows…
"Doing the stand up show has acted as its own catharsis, and showed me that we are capable to doing whatever we put our minds to. Writing the book hasn’t been as cathartic as much as it’s been like watching a movie of your most embarrassing moments, then putting the fucking thing out on DVD! I think that we screen block our most unpleasant memories as a natural survival technique, to save us from feeling like utter c*nts every day of our lives. Writing your memoirs is a good way of saying goodbye to some issues that you never fully addressed, but then there are other times where you just think “that was a pointless, cruel waste of time that fucked things up beyond repair”. Maybe it feels better when you’ve finished it? I dunno yet, but right now I’m in the thick of it and it feels fucking horrible for the most part!"

**You spent a chunk of 2014 on the road with Courtney Love, a collaboration which led to the release of a fantastic single, Honour, through your GASS community. Are there any plans to write more material with Courtney?
**"I was supposed to be touring with her right now in fact, but I only got informed after we put the Songs & Words dates on sale and it was too late to reschedule anything. Of course, I’d love to write more with Courtney. She’s great, but she only really did that last single with me as a favour. She’s very generous like that. But would she want to write with me again? I have no idea. That’s like asking what the weather in the North will be like next week. I hope it’s going to be sunny. I like sunny. I like Courtney. I like writing."

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