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Why Mad Max: Fury Road Is The Most Metal Film We've Ever Seen

Ten reasons why the new Mad Max film will blow your metal fuse

Mad Max: Fury Road is really sodding brilliant. It's what action films should be – a distinct lack of CGI, a sparse storyline, a bunch of awesome bad guys, a badass hero and an absolute truckload (literally) of car chases, fight scenes and explosions.

It's also metal A.F. Not for a while has a film so displayed a rock 'n' roll attitude as this one. Want to know why? WELL WE'LL TELL YOU THEN.

**1. Everything Is Made Out Of Metal
**This is an easy thing to start with (and an obvious one – you don't come here for subtlety though do you?), because everything in the film is basically made out of metal. There's no wood or anything, apart from one tree, which one of the characters calls a 'thing'. He calls it a 'thing' because there are no trees left. Hence no wood. Hence all the fucking METAL.

**2. Charlize Theron Has A Giant Cyborg Arm
**She only has one normal arm, and so the other has been replaced by a huge robot one. It makes no sense whatsoever and would never work in real life, but how good would it be to have a deadly metal cyborg arm? It would be quite great, that's how good (great) it would be. It would also definitely get you loads of attention down the rec centre. You might even kiss someone.

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