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In The Studio: My Dying Bride

We chat to MDB frontman Aaron Stainthorpe about the upcoming album and more

Recording their 12th studio album in the band's 25th anniversary year, My Dying Bride frontman and lyricist Aaron Stainthorpe has never felt more vulnerable and tormented in the studio – hence the record's most likely title, Feel The Misery. Hammer must have caught him at a good time, as he brightened our day with his amiable eloquence, and his exclusive revelations about two forthcoming albums…

Where are you at with the new album?
"The recording is finished, but we've missed our deadline, so it's now delayed until September. Normally we're always rushing, but with the gap we've got now, we can take our time on it, which is quite unique. If we think 'an embellishment here or there wouldn't go amiss,' we've actually got time to do it."

**Guitarist and founder member Calvin Robertshaw is back after 17 years. How did that pan out?
**"He waltzed straight back into the job, didn't think twice about it. He hasn't been in any other band while he's been away, but he's always been writing his own music. Then when Andy (Craighan, MDB guitarist) asked if he'd be interested in rejoining he said yes immediately. So far we've done one gig with him in Norway – for which he was shitting himself! – but it was a great gig and the crowd were chuffed to see him. He looks completely different now, but it's good to have the old boy back!"

Has he contributed any material to this album?
"Not hugely, because Andy had already got most of the work done. It's rare for one member of the band to create most of the album, and I'm sure Andy was thrilled to be given that opportunity, but he's not going to get it again! Calvin is keen to stamp his mark upon My Dying Bride again. As I say, he's been 'playing with himself' for years, and I asked him about all that material, would it migrate to My Dying Bride? And Calvin said 'They're all doom riffs, of course it will!' So he's definitely going to make an impact on whatever we record after this."

All photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal.

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