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We took Rise Of The Northstar to London Comic Con

The Manga-loving metallers go to London's biggest comic convention

There goes Chewbacca. He’s just brushed past Bane and off into a crowd that includes a Lego Batman, Daredevil and, at least, twenty versions of Harley Quinn. Hammer have been stood outside London’s Excel centre for about three minutes and already Comic Con is going to take some beating as the most gloriously technicolour, wilfully OTT and consistently WTF event we attend this year.

Much like metal itself, the comic-loving community are hugely passionate, obsessive even, massive in their numbers and largely ignored by mainstream culture. Anyone who thinks otherwise should really come down and take a look at what we’re dealing with here today. And, as if to hammer home the point, the few that aren’t dressed as their favourite characters (and, we’ll be honest here, it really is only a few) are spotted in Iron Maiden, Mastodon, Avenged Sevenfold and In Flames t-shirts to name but a few. The crossover appeal is obvious...

...which is why we are here today. As Paris-based crossover merchants Rise Of The Northstar are here today to celebrate their dual loves of Manga and old-school thrash metal, and we are going to join them to see if we can’t educate ourselves. The band's Welcame album, released earlier this year, is a refreshingly classic take on New York style hardcore, mixed with Bay Area riffs and the band's fascination in Eastern culture. 

And far from just popping along for a jolly day off, Rise Of The Northstar will be performing later in the day at Comic Con to see how it translates to a core audience of fans that will be familiar with all of their reference points. Although even the band herself seem a little taken back by the obsessive nature of those present here today...

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