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The 50 greatest Rush songs ever

From Toronto via Xanadu, it's the most comprehensive vote ever undertaken anywhere on the web, ever, on any subject.

Rush are the cover stars of Classic Rock 211, so we asked you, the Classic Rock reader, to choose your favourite Rush songs. You came, you voted in very large numbers, we calculated the results using a giant, futuristic abacus, and at the end of the day a list was compiled that features a lot of amazing music and quite a few surprises. Here are your Top 50 Rush tracks.

.50. Different Strings - from Permanent Waves
.49. The Big Money - Power Windows
.48. Distant Early Warning - Grace Under Pressure
.47. Between The Wheels - Grace Under Pressure
.46. Here Again - Rush
.45. Anthem - Fly By Night
.44. One Little Victory - Vapor Trails
.43. Manhattan Project - Power Windows
.42. A Passage To Bangkok - 2112
.41. Entre Nous - Permanent Waves

.40. Lakeside Park - from Caress Of Steel
_.39. Headlong Fight - _Clockwork Angels
_.38. In The End - _Fly By Night
_.37. Vital Signs - _Moving Pictures
_.36. The Necromancer - _Caress Of Steel
_.35. Dreamline - _Roll The Bones
_.34. Witch Hunt - _Moving Pictures
_.33. 2112: VII. Grand Finale - _2112
_.32. Mystic Rhythms - _Power Windows
_.31. Jacob’s Ladder - _Permanent Waves

.30. Fly By Night - from Fly By Night
.29. Losing It - Signals
.28. Marathon - Power Windows
.27. Red Sector A - Grace Under Pressure
.26. Bravado - Roll The Bones
.25. The Pass - Presto  
.24. The Analogue Kid - Signals 
.23. Time Stand Still - Hold Your Fire 
.22. A Farewell To Kings - A Farewell To Kings 
.21. The Garden - Clockwork Angels

.20. By-Tor & The Snow Dog - from Fly By Night
.19. Bastille Day - Caress Of Steel
.18. Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage - A Farewell To Kings
.17. Closer To The Heart - A Farewell To Kings
.16. Freewill - Permanent Waves
.15. YYZ - Moving Pictures
.14. 2112: I. Overture - 2112
.13. The Camera Eye - Moving Pictures
.12. Working Man - Rush
.11. The Trees - Hemispheres

.10. Red Barchetta - from Moving Pictures 
The song was inspired by the futuristic story A Nice Morning Drive by Richard Foster, which imagines a world where certain cars are banned. The Barchetta, an Italian sports car, was one such vehicle, and the song deals with the narrator secretly taking it for drives every Sunday.

.09. Natural Science - from Permanent Waves
The album's final track. It tells people that they shouldn't take nature for granted as technology becomes increasingly dominant, and that we must respect the planet and its resources. To get the wave sounds on the Tide Pools segment of the song, Lifeson and Peart splashed their hands in the bitterly cold lake by the studio, Le Studio.

.08. Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres - from Hemispheres
The album's opening track, it follows on from Cygnus X-1 Book 1: The Voyage, the closing track on previous album A Farewell To Kings. A science fiction story with Greek mythological implications, it alludes to the constant conflict in humans between logic and emotion. The entire cycle was first played live on the Hemispheres tour.

.07. 2112: The Temples Of Syrinx - from 2112
This is the second part of the epic, and tells the story of how the temple priests control the Federation through computers, expunging all feelings of individuality. A syrinx is a water nymph in Greek mythology.

.06. Subdivisions - from Signals
Subdivisions deals with the pressure people are under to conform to society's attitudes and mores. It was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame in 2010. Finnish band Omnium Gatherum covered it on their 2013 album Beyond

.05. Limelight - from Moving Pictures
Peart expressing discomfort with the band's growing profile and his inevitable loss of privacy. It's based on the famous 'All The World's A Stage' speech from Shakespeare's As You Like It.

.04. The Spirit Of Radio - from Permanent Waves
Reaching number 13 in the charts, this is the biggest single the band have ever had in the UK. The title comes from the slogan used at the time by Toronto radio station CFNY, while the final lines in the song pay homage to Simon & Garfunkel's The Sound Of Silence.

.03. Tom Sawyer - from Moving Pictures
Named after the Mark Twain character, the lyrics were co-written by Peart with Pye Dubois, who was closely associated with fellow Canadian band Max Webster. It's based on Dubois' poem Louis The Lawyer.

.02. La Villa Strangiato (An Exercise In Self Indulgence) - from Hemispheres
Unusually, this is an instrumental that actually tells a story, and is based on nightmares Alex Lifeson had when he was a child. The track is divided into 12 parts.

.01. Xanadu - from A Farewell To Kings
This is the first Rush song to use synthesisers as an integral part of the overall arrangement. Neil Peart's lyrics are inspired by the Samuel Coleridge Taylor poem Kubla Khan.

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