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Britrock Special: how To Make Friends & Influence people

Members of Therapy?, The Wildhearts, Terrorvision and 3 Colours Red celebrate the 20th anniversary of British rock's last great scene

The early 90s was a turbulent time. Just a few years after grunge turned the music scene on its head, so the sudden death of Kurt Cobain caused another seismic upheaval. With rock’s biggest bands still readjusting to this brave new world, and grunge’s superstars dazed and in mourning, rock badly needed an adrenalin shot.

Into this vacuum poured a new breed of bands: home-grown acts from provincial British towns armed with radio-friendly songs, passionate fan-bases and a shared belief that the world was theirs for the taking.

In the summer of 1994, three of these bands – Therapy?, The Wildhearts and Terrorvision – announced their arrival at the forefront of the British rock scene with show-stealing performances at Donington’s Monsters Of Rock festival. By the following summer they were joined in a resurgent rock community by bands such as Londoners Skunk Anansie, West Country rockers Reef, Northern Irish teenagers Ash and Glasgow’s Baby Chaos. Offering a noisy alternative to the mainstream Britpop scene, these disparate-sounding newcomers were banded together by the media as the ‘Britrock’ pack, the most exciting collective of raw UK talent since the NWOBHM.


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