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Goodbye Status Quo?

After 50 years, three heart attacks and countless knob jokes, Status Quo are still going strong. Or are they? At least one half of rock’s own Hinge & Bracket is looking forward to retirement.

Francis Rossi sighs. The Status Quo frontman is due on stage in Glasgow in a few hours to kick off his band’s unplugged Aquostic tour, but he isn’t looking forward to it. “I think I’ve almost finished running,” he says softly, sitting alone in the crew catering room. “I’m coming up for sixty-six, I’ve still got that itch to be liked and the urge to play for an audience, but…” He leans over to whisper in my ear. “…I think I’m over it.”

Rossi gazes off into the middle distance and begins to ponder. 

“I started out in the family business selling ice cream. I’m thinking: ‘Hmmm… I like the sound of that.’ So maybe I’ll go full circle. I could do that, and have time to do things like walk the dog, do the crossword, nod off in my chair in my garden.”


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