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The Story Behind The Song: Surfing With The Alien by Joe Satriani

Completely at odds with the guitar styles of the time, Satriani’s out-of-this-world 1987 track caught the imagination of a generation, turning on shred-heads and casual fans alike.

For all his kudos as a virtuoso, Joe Satriani’s adored classic is an exercise in pure… well, fun. It really is about going surfing with an alien. Rejecting the cooler-than-thou, chin-stroking twiddliness of many of his guitar peers, Surfing With The Alien burst on to the scene with a Silver Surfer motif and an insanely catchy, blues-rooted melody. True, this was teamed with eye-watering solos that peppered the album of the same name, but the Albert King core ensured its warmth and durability. Accordingly, shredders love it, but so do less niche rock enthusiasts.


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