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Download 2015: Another Angle

A week ago this year's Download festival was in full swing... and we miss it already.

So here's some photos you might not have seen, as TeamRock's intrepid snapper Oliver Leonard boldly shoots where others fear to tread.

Judas Priest's Richie Faulkner remains unfazed by the best of British weather. 


The Metal God himself. Rob Halford backstage. 


Bass player summit, as Judas Priest's Ian Hill and Iron Maiden's Steve Harris meet backstage. 


Judas Priest's Glenn Tipton backstage with Babymetal, who performed with Dragonforce at the festival...


...while Scott Travis admires the new, Judas Priest-inspired Babymetal tee. 


Priest's Ian Hill waits in the wings as the band prepare to play...


...while across the other side of the stage, Richie Faulker limbers up. 


Rob Halford celebrating with a bottle of official Judas Priest beer. Best drunk from a Screaming For Vengeance pint glass


Friday night's Slipknot crowd: Waving, not drowning. 


The Manaia Kapa Haka group, who provided the onstage intro for London-based Kiwis Rival State. 


_Does anyone have a fire extinguisher? Testament's Alex Skolnick with Ace Frehley's 'Smoking' Les Paul.  _


Testament drummer Gene Hoglan's six-stick warm-up before the band's set. 


Mike Bordin's Faith No More setlist.


Blackberry Smoke's Charlie Starr and Brit Turner at the side of the main stage, preparing to perform. 


Slash on (or rather, above) the main stage.


Motley Crue's pyrotechnic departure, as Nikki Sixx's bass belches flame...


...before being tossed into the air. In 1984, at the old Monsters of Rock festival, Sixx threw his bass into the crowd at the end of the set. Old habits die hard. 


Kiss's Gene Simmons and Eric Singer get a ride to the stage - those platforms don't work so well when the going is soft. 


Kiss's spectacular fireworks, ticker-tape and cherry picker finale. 

All pics: Oliver Leonard

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