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Between The Buried And Me: For The Love Of Prog

When we heard Between The Buried And Me were further embracing 70s influences, we thought we’d lost another metal band to prog. But Coma Ecliptic is still heavy in sound, as well as concept...

Forty years ago, an admirable ethos of limitless creative courage was not just welcomed by the music-consuming public, but celebrated, revered and propelled to the world’s arenas. Bands such as Genesis, Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer bestrode the Earth, eschewing a philosophy of bombast, extravagance, wild experimentation and wilful self- indulgence.

Say what you like about grown men wearing capes and wizard hats while performing 20-minute songs about robot armadillos, but prog rock was both artistically and commercially vital in the 70s, and, somewhat against the grain, Between The Buried And Me are keeping its spirit alive. In fact, one listen to their latest album, Coma Ecliptic, with its dizzying changes of pace and mood, its sumptuous web of interwoven melodies and its startling moments of untamed brutality, may be enough to convince you that this band were born into the wrong era. 


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