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The Gospel According To Dani Filth

We all know Dani thinks Jesus is a cunt, but where does he stand on his many ex-bandmembers, bitching metal fans and the shadow of death?

WE'VE HAD A SHITLOAD OF MEMBERS. I actually just read a story about us, and it said that we’d had 39 past members. Fucking hell! That’s got to be some sort of record. Guinness Book... here we come. If I find out someone else has had 42... fuck, get rid of four members quickly! Ha ha ha! But when people do leave, it’s a ballache, and it’s also quite sad, because you become attached to people, and it’s never as sudden as people are led to believe. You do so much when you’re touring, it feels like seven years to everyone else’s one. I think on the face of things it looks worse [when someone leaves] than it actually is, and that people have really been together, in each other’s pockets, for a very long time.


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