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Limelight: BirdPen

Archive mates buddy up on independent side-project.

When flatmates Dave Pen and Mike Bird first formed BirdPen back in 2003, they had no idea they would still be making music under that banner more than 10 years later.

“We started it as a video-making enterprise,” explains Pen. “We used to make montage clips for clubs and we made a couple of videos for bands, and then we started writing some songs. Before we knew it, we’d come up with so many ideas in such a short period of time so we just locked ourselves away to learn how to craft our skills.”

And craft they did. The duo had already dabbled with progressive and experimental styles in previous bands so BirdPen’s focus was on cinematic soundscapes and a massive sound. Bird remembers: “There was a time when people assumed we were an acoustic act because it was just the two of us. When we turned up with all this equipment, they would be horrified!” 


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