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BB King Remembered

Few musicians have made as much of an impression on the world at large as BB King. Here, the stars who knew and admired him pay tribute to a true blues icon...


Above: 13-year old Bonamassa gets schooled by the best.

Joe Bonamassa

I met BB King for the first time on May 24,  1990. I was his opening act. I had just turned 13. He was really intrigued with my playing and my style, and why I liked the blues. The summer after that, I did 10 shows with him over the school vacation – and the teachers didn’t believe me! I had to prove it. Luckily, the newspaper picked up on it, and wrote an article about the tour.

“I started doing some reflecting, adding up all the tours, and I probably did between 55 and 65 shows with him over the course of 25 years, as an opening act or on a festival. It’s insane.


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