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Disturbed: Inspired To Create

David Draiman reveals that Disturbed's hardcore fanbase influenced the new record

In an exclusive chat with Metal Hammer ahead of the release of their forthcoming comeback album Immortalized, Disturbed frontman David Draiman has credited the band's fanbase as the inspiration for their return after a four year long hiatus.

“Our confidence comes from our fans,” he says when asked if there were any nerves in the Disturbed camp on returning to an ever-changing metal landscape. “Can I say with one hundred per cent confidence this is going to work? No. I can say I’m going to die one day with that confidence, I can say that we put everything into this album with confidence. But ultimately we are living in hope, and the faith of our fans. That we have one hundred per cent confidence in. They will be the ones to decide.”

And, never one to leave things to chance, David feels he has the statistical evidence to back up the band's confidence.

“What makes me have such belief in our fans?” Draiman says, repeating our question back as he ponders it for a second. “Well, here is a statistic for you, when we went on hiatus in 2011 our Facebook page had around seven million ‘likes’. And now four or five years later, without us putting out a record or doing anything at all, we have over ten million ‘likes’. That’s a pretty nice growth for doing absolutely nothing. And that says it all about our fanbase; that’s all natural, organic growth. And if that doesn’t give you hope then I don’t know what will.”

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