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Royal Southern Brotherhood: All In The Family

As a pair of founding members depart, Tyrone Vaughan and Bart Walker hook up with Royal Southern Brotherhood, bringing Texas twang and Tennessee toughness to Don’t Look Back.

At the time of their respective releases, Mike Zito’s Gone To Texas and Devon Allman’s Ragged & Dirty didn’t appear to be the writing on the wall. Those well-received solo projects by two key Royal Southern Brotherhood members – having hit the shelves roughly one year apart in 2013 and 2014 – seemed like standard operating procedure for a supergroup, where individual members have a reputation to uphold and are thus free to work on side projects as they see fit.

Yet as a fierce year of touring got underway following the release of Royal Southern Brotherhood’s own HeartSoulBlood, both Zito and Allman decided to call it a day. The parting was amicable and their reasons understandable: the Brotherhood’s brutal tour schedule left them with little time and energy to devote to their respective solo careers. Still, for a five-man band calling itself a brotherhood and the phrase “heartsoulblood” suggesting a deep spiritual connection that transcended mere business, the departure of these two vital contributors was jarring. It left a growing fanbase wondering about what had prompted the split.


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