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Samantha Fish: Call Of The Wild

Stagnation is never an option for Kansas City’s Samantha Fish. With an assist from roots master Luther Dickinson, the fiery Midwestern guitar slinger has taken a soulful leap forward.

Roughly four years ago, Kansas City-bred Samantha Fish arrived on the international blues scene with all the pieces firmly in place. She had a voice as sweet as apple blossom honey and guitar chops that would soon lead to her first endorsement deal. As a songsmith, she was already capable of crafting tales of an astonishing maturity. She displayed poise on stage and the untamed energy that often drives her to kick off her pumps and prowl around barefoot like some chorus girl from the Elvis Presley hillbilly send-up Kissin’ Cousins. To use the American parlance, Fish had it all going on. Here was a newcomer so impressive you knew she would not be going away any time soon.

“I think the public watches for growth record to record. But I grow as a person and an artist through every collaboration, every tour, every show,” Fish tells The Blues as she reflects on the making of her newest album Wild Heart. “Record to record I feel like I’m light years away from the one before.”

Emerging from a local blues scene centred around the Knuckleheads Saloon – a Kansas City honky-tonk that became her place of refuge during a turbulent youth – Fish visited jam sessions and open mic nights and studied at the feet of the touring bands that would stop off at the popular Midwestern venue.


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