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This Week In Metal (22/6/15 - 28/6/15)

What you might have missed over the past seven days...

The week in metal has been rather dominated by dumb news. This was the week a concert venue owner in Washington DC was fined $500 for opening a window to allow a drummer's fart to escape. An enforcement officer from the city's Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration just happened to be passing by the fun-sounding Madam's Organ Blues Bar last June at 1.30am when the 'operational policy violation' was spotted – all the venue's doors and windows must be shut after 12.30am whenever live music is performed. Proprietor Bill Duggan said in a report: “He opened the window to let a fart out. He cracked it open for five minutes – and the inspector showed up. 20 fucking years with not one violation, and this is what they came up with. People get stabbed and shot in other establishments. In ours, someone farts, cracks a window, and they spend a year on it.” Bill intends to appeal the ruling, as you can tell from as a status update on the venue's Facebook page: “It took a long time for that gas to clear the air – but the current situation smells even worse.”

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