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Bluesbreakers: My Baby

The Dutch/New Zealand trio who spice up the blues with beats.

If you caught Seasick Steve on his recent UK tour, and were curious enough to check out his hand-picked support act, you would have been richly rewarded. Like Seasick Steve and most of those who have come into contact with the Amsterdam-based trio My Baby, you would have been at first intrigued, and then seduced by their curious marriage of slide guitar, pastoral folk, soul-stirring gospel, ethnic instrumentation and trip-hop tinges.

They’ve spent the past three years bewitching audiences, and their second album, Shamanaid, deserves to further establish them as one of the most exciting blues fusion acts out there.

New Zealand has produced some pretty tidy music in its time, but ambitious Kiwi musicians rarely pitch up in the Netherlands in search of success. Daniel ‘Da Freez’ Johnston was different, however, naturally gravitating to Amsterdam as his mother is Dutch.


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