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BMTH: The Curious Incident Of The Brolly In The Summertime

What on Earth are Bring Me The Horizon up to?

Social media can be a right old buzzkill. For most bands, secrets splooge onto the internet with nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction, resulting in the mystique of musicians evaporating. However, Bring Me The Horizon have been teasing us with some cryptic photos of an umbrella and frankly, it's irked us. What does this mean? Was it Colonel Mustard in the library with the lead pipe? Ingest some Scooby Snacks, strap yourself into the Mystery Machine and let's investigate together.

Vocalist Oli Sykes has a new tattoo of an umbrella under his armpit. It reads: “So come rain on my parade.” Maybe it's there to catch the sweat that drips down when he's playing gigs. Maybe it's a new lyric. Maybe he's a massive fan of Barbra Streisand or '60s musicals.

The umbrella is also on Jordan Fish's neck. It won't save him if he falls in that pool, though. He might drown. Unless he's actually a fish. Which he isn't. He's a keyboard player.

Guitarist Lee Malia has been inked with the umbrella too. This is something big. Unless they're all trolling us and it's just one of those rub-on tattoos you used to get in bags of Cheetos. In which case: touché.

Tattoo extraordinaire and Oli Sykes' partner Hannah Snowdon is at it now, posting several photos of the umbrella. 

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