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Buyer's Guide: Jack White

Detroit’s favourite son dragged the blues back into the spotlight. Here’s where to start if you don’t know Jack…

Call off the search. He’s here. To understand the sigh of relief among blues fans when Jack White broke cover, you have to appreciate the desperate straits of the post-millennial rock industry. To anyone who liked their music heartfelt and human, this was a scene on the skids, operating under a skewed meritocracy that saw Limp Bizkit mugging from magazine front covers while blues bands toiled in pub backrooms. Dark days, indeed.

The White Stripes changed everything. Granted, it’s unlikely that anyone beyond a pocket of Detroit hipsters witnessed the duo’s debut show at the Gold Dollar bar on August 14, 1997. Likewise, the following year’s 1,000-unit run of first single Let’s Shake Hands was ample to satisfy demand. Few would have advised White to quit his day job as a furniture upholsterer.


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