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Bluesbreakers: Crobot

Pennsylvanians offer “dirty groove rock” with a supernatural side.

Many a new band is at pains to describe themselves as “for real”. But where would rock’n’roll be without a pinch of mythology from its protagonists? As stoner rock-influenced exponents of “dirty groove rock”, Crobot are keen to keep their music rooted in organic, funky jam-derived riffs. They boast a bluesy feel and a visceral hard rock punch. But they’re also in thrall to mysterious themes and otherworldly subject matter.

“Did you hear the story of the skull of Geronimo?” singer and harmonica player Brandon Yeagley asks The Blues in the distinctly un-spooky setting of a Leeds cafe. Skull Of Geronimo is the title of a standout track on his band’s debut album, Something Supernatural.


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