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Buyer's Guide: Cradle Of Filth

A step-by-step guide to Cradle's entire discography

Cradle Of Filth are a British institution. Whether you like it or not, Dani Filth's vampiric vagabonds have deposited their seed amidst the wasteland of our music industry and beyond; appearances on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Living With The Enemy captured the band at their commercial zenith, proving that their bastardised brand of extreme metal could appeal to a wider audience while still making every mother on the planet shit their knickers.

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Since their grotesque inception back in 1991, the Crewdle have undergone rigorous line-up and stylistic changes; a revolving door throughout their post-millennial period saw the band exude a multitude of musical abortions, spanning from symphonic bedazzlement to dirty, punk-based riffing.

Their fans' most beloved material is rooted in the mid to late nineties, though. There was a time when Cradle Of Filth were considered pioneers of extreme music, embracing the ethos of black metal's second wave and injecting it with a healthy dose of twin guitar harmonies, lyrical romanticism and harrowing, imperatively unique high screams courtesy of Dani. Their now-legendary Vestal Masturbation shirt still causes mischief to this day, as its recent inclusion in a New Zealand exhibition led to a lady trying to vandalise it. How thoughtful.

They've been name-checked by The IT Crowd and, somewhat less prestigiously, Eastenders. An excerpt from their NSFW video From The Cradle To Enslave was featured in the ill-fated Millennium Dome. They've been festering on this Earth for almost a quarter of a century, and Cradle Of Filth are still very much a vulgar crumb betwixt the blanket of British heavy metal.

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